Tripolje Großsiedlungen - Geomagnetische Prospektion und architektursoziologische Perspektiven

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René Ohlrau


Trypillia settlements of the Southern Buh-Dnipro interfluve are among the largest sites of prehistoric Eurasia and their emergence and decline is yet poorly understood. The renewed geophysical survey between 2011 and 2012 produced methodological opportunities for advanced spatial analysis of social space which are presented in this paper. With up to 3000 buildings, their exact location, size as well as an architectural overlap of only 1%, settlements of the Tomashivska local group represent an exceptionally high quality dataset. Now it is possible to construct an internal settlement pattern by using methods of urban planning in combination with radiocarbon dating and demographic estimates to detect cognition based social space for these sites. With significant differences in building size it is also possible to ask questions of social differentiations and the beginning of urbanisation processes via neighbourhood formation. Based on the results a social structure of these sites is proposed.

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Ohlrau 2015: R. Ohlrau, Tripolje Großsiedlungen - Geomagnetische Prospektion und architektursoziologische Perspektiven. JNA 17, 2015, 17–99. DOI: