Die Bedeutung der Jagd in der Trichterbecherkultur

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Jan Steffens


The role of hunting in the Funnel Beaker Culture is analysed by a comparative study of the proportions of wild animal bones at sites in southern Scandinavia and Central Europe. The study revealed signifi cant regional differences. Sites in the southern regions show only small amounts of wild animal bones, in contrast to the north, where both sites with small and large proportions of wild animals occur. The reasons could be differing environmental conditions, differences in the regional economic and settlement systems, and possibly a different cultural background on which the regional groups of the Funnel Beaker Culture evolved. Furthermore this article discusses the importance of the various species of wild animals at sites of the Funnel Beaker Culture.

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Steffens, Jan. 2005. “Die Bedeutung Der Jagd in Der Trichterbecherkultur”. Journal of Neolithic Archaeology, December. https://doi.org/10.12766/jna.2005.14.