Modellbau jungsteinzeitlicher Häuser aus Norddeutschland im Archäologisch-Ökologischen Zentrum Albersdorf. Rekonstruktive Grundlage, Erfahrungen und Probleme aus der Praxis

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Frank Andraschko
Jan Joost Assendorp
Ernst Giese
Rüdiger Kelm


Since 1997 the "Archaeological-Ecological Centre Albersdorf" (AÖZA) in the county of Dithmarschen in Schleswig-Holstein,  Germany, is working on the aim to re-establish a Neolithic cultural landscape (c. 3000 BC) on an area of about 40 hectares. One concrete and important step for the project is to build a "Neolithic village" as a model in original scale and as an open-air museum in the immediate vicinity of original prehistoric grave monuments. The article describes the aims and the scientific base of the "Neolithic" house models following the relatively well preserved structures of houses in Flögeln-Eekhöltjen and Pennigbüttel in Lower Saxony. The experiences of the work (material, methods and problems) are discussed and the possible effects for knowledge and mediation of prehistoric house building for the public are shown.

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Andraschko, Frank, AssendorpJan Joost, Ernst Giese, and Rüdiger Kelm. 2005. “Modellbau Jungsteinzeitlicher Häuser Aus Norddeutschland Im Archäologisch-Ökologischen Zentrum Albersdorf. Rekonstruktive Grundlage, Erfahrungen Und Probleme Aus Der Praxis”. Journal of Neolithic Archaeology, December.