Wattendorf-Motzenstein – Eine schnurkeramische Siedlung im digitalen Landschaftsmodell

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Christian Knechtel
Christoph Rinne


This paper deals with the digital model development of the Wattendorf- Motzenstein Corded Ware settlement (Northern Franconian Alb, Germany) and his surrounding landscape. The aim and the demand to the model as well as the details of the modelling and visualisation process will be described by stating the uncertainties in translating the real archaeological findings into three-dimensional virtual images.

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Knechtel, Christian, and Christoph Rinne. 2008. “Wattendorf-Motzenstein – Eine Schnurkeramische Siedlung Im Digitalen Landschaftsmodell”. Journal of Neolithic Archaeology, August. https://doi.org/10.12766/jna.2008.24.