SDS – Systematische und digitale Erfassung von Steinartefakten (Arbeitsstand SDS 8.05)

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Anselm Drafehn
Marcel Bradtmöller
Doris Mischka


The following contribution offers a recording system for stone artefacts. This compilation of existing systems from the Upper Paleolithic to the Neolithic should serve as a starting point for systematic and quantitative analysis with a uniform coding and standardized listing system of the conventional attributes recorded at lithic inventories. Therewith a valuable basis for comparative analysis and digital exchange of the data should be guaranteed.


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Drafehn, Anselm, Marcel Bradtmöller, and Doris Mischka. 2008. “SDS – Systematische Und Digitale Erfassung Von Steinartefakten (Arbeitsstand SDS 8.05)”. Journal of Neolithic Archaeology, September.