Neolithic house building. Transformations of architectural characteristics in diachronic comparison

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Christoph Rinne


The diachronic quantitative analysis of house construction in the German Central Uplands from the Early Neolithic to the Early Bronze Age on various constructive features shows developments and breaks. For this, known developments from the Early and Middle Neolithic are combined with new knowledge based on recent findings from the Late and Final Neolithic. Besides the often used house area, the post area and its proportion to the house area are highlighted as particularly descriptive properties of change. In detail, it is possible to trace paths of innovations and to outline the missing house constructions of the Late Neolithic on the basis of possible examples.

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Rinne, Christoph. 2022. “Neolithic House Building. Transformations of Architectural Characteristics in Diachronic Comparison”. Journal of Neolithic Archaeology 24 (March):1–13.