Ein Mauerkammergrab der Bernburger Kultur bei Remlingen (Niedersachsen)

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Ulrich Dirks
Silke Grefen-Peters


The complete excavation of a Neolithic non-megalithic burial chamber, a so-called 'Mauerkammergrab', near Remlingen in 1998 provides new data on the architecture of this special collective grave type. The features offer structural details of the former tent-shaped roof and the floor, both made of oak-planks. In the western part of the chamber the skeleton of a young dog was found together with a conical cup. Disarticulated human remains, together with pots and potsherds, were uncovered in the eastern part. Remains of cattle bones in the entrance area may be interpreted as a team of oxen. The pottery shows strong cultural affinities to the Bernburg culture of Central Germany (c. 3100 - 2800 BC).

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Dirks, Ulrich, and Silke Grefen-Peters. 2012. “Ein Mauerkammergrab Der Bernburger Kultur Bei Remlingen (Niedersachsen)”. Journal of Neolithic Archaeology, February. https://doi.org/10.12766/jna.1999.48.