Dichtezentren und lokale Gruppierungen - Eine Karte zu den Großsteingräbern Mittel- und Nordeuropas

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Barbara Fritsch
Martin Furholt
Martin Hinz
Luise Lorenz
Hildegard Nelson
Georg Schafferer
Sara Schiesberg
Karl-Göran Sjögren


Until today a detailed mapping of the megalithic structures from the 4th millenium BC in northern Europe seems a desideratum. The DFG-Priority Program 1400 “Early Monumentality and Social Differentiation” is currently working on the Neolithic of the northern European plain. One important aim is to record and analyse the archaeological evidence within the working region in a systematical way. As a first step, an account of all megaliths available is of crucial importance. The map presented here reveals remarkable spatial patterns that may serve as a starting point for further research.

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Fritsch, Barbara, Martin Furholt, Martin Hinz, Luise Lorenz, Hildegard Nelson, Georg Schafferer, Sara Schiesberg, and SjögrenKarl-Göran. 2010. “Dichtezentren Und Lokale Gruppierungen - Eine Karte Zu Den Großsteingräbern Mittel- Und Nordeuropas”. Journal of Neolithic Archaeology, October. https://doi.org/10.12766/jna.2010.56.