MegaForm – Ein Formalisierungssystem für die Analyse monumentaler Baustrukturen des Neolithikums im nördlichen Mitteleuropa

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Martin Furholt
Doris Mischka
Knut Rassmann
Georg Schafferer


MegaForm is a recording system for Neolithic megaliths in northern Central Europe and southern Scandinavia. It was created in the context of the Priority Program 1400 “Early Monumentality and Social Differentiation”. It aims at formalising the recording of architectural traits of megaliths, non-megalithic monuments and simple graves, focussing on single characteristics, not on complex types. Specific national traditions have resulted in different terminologies. MegaForm unites these into one overall recording system, a new standard for the recording and description of megaliths. In this article, the recording system is proposed and commented, and it is possible to download a suitable database system.

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Furholt, Martin, Doris Mischka, Knut Rassmann, and Georg Schafferer. 2010. “MegaForm – Ein Formalisierungssystem für Die Analyse Monumentaler Baustrukturen Des Neolithikums Im nördlichen Mitteleuropa”. Journal of Neolithic Archaeology, November.