Wolfgang Seyfahrt Hans‐Joachim Doelle Heinz Gruenert

On the origins and role of slavery and the slave trade in prehistoric and early historic Europe, especially among the Germanic tribes

Contribution to the discussion "Pre- and Protohistory and the Problem of Historical Periodization"

Published: 1970-01-04 | DOI: 10.54799/ZFTR9777


Discussion on the article of the same name by H. Gruenert, in: EAZ 10, 1969, issue 4

  • Wolfgang Seyfarth: Did the Goths settling at the Black Sea in the 3rd century sell members of other Germanic tribes into slavery?
  • Hans-Joachim Doelle: Discussion remarks
  • Heinz Gruenert: Epilogue

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Seyfahrt, Wolfgang, Hans‐Joachim Doelle, and Heinz Gruenert. 1970. “On the Origins and Role of Slavery and the Slave Trade in Prehistoric and Early Historic Europe, Especially Among the Germanic Tribes: Contribution to the Discussion ‘Pre- and Protohistory and the Problem of Historical Periodization’”. EAZ – Ethnographisch-Archaeologische Zeitschrift 11 (4):541-48. https://doi.org/10.54799/ZFTR9777.
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