The Network of Style - An analytic study of style and pottery from two causewayed enclosures

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Tobias Danborg Torfing


This article will discuss the ceramic styles of the early Middle Neolithic Djursland. It argues for a new local style in the area, called the Blakbjerg-Brokhøj style, named after two causewayed enclosures that form the basis of this article. This style draws inspiration from the Virum style, which is characterized by massive decorations of whipped cord, but also includes many new MN I elements such as vertical bands and zipper patterns. It is further argued that this style co-existed with a more general MN Ia style and that these two stylistic appearances supplemented each other in the social network of the Funnel Beaker culture (FBC). An interpretation of this double stylistic appearance will be presented.

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Torfing, Tobias Danborg. 2013. “The Network of Style - An Analytic Study of Style and Pottery from Two Causewayed Enclosures”. Journal of Neolithic Archaeology, November, 64-87.