SDS – Systematic, digital collection of data sets of stone artefacts - Supplement K-list, vers. (Classification and denomination of projectiles and inset-blades), list of accordance of the west and central European forms

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Anselm Drafehn


This list of western and central European projectiles and inset blades is a supplement to Form 4 of of the SDS-atrributes catalogue (Drafehn et al. 2008). The list is supposed to facilitate the establishment of a homogenous system between comparative studies of different researchers that are available in literature. At the same time,  the researcher´s own study follows a consistent nomenclature, which promotes access to computer-aided data analyses. For this reason, the list is continously extended and updated and the latest version may be obtained directly from the author. Although the list does not help to identify and distinguish artefacts, it is a useful tool to obtain consistent, expediently strucutured data. The microliths are categorized into four basic levels: quantum, group, form, and variety. According to these levels, the microliths are labelled with the respective four-letter combination. The groups and the different varieties are described and summarized. The images of the microliths are highly conventionalized and a certain tolerance as to form and size should be kept in mind.

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Drafehn, Anselm. 2014. “SDS – Systematic, Digital Collection of Data Sets of Stone Artefacts - Supplement K-List, Vers. (Classification and Denomination of Projectiles and Inset-blades), List of Accordance of the West and Central European Forms”. Journal of Neolithic Archaeology 16 (April), 63-95.