High precision Tripolye settlement plans, demographic estimations and settlement organization

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Knut Rassmann
René Ohlrau
Robert Hofmann
Carsten Mischka
Nataliia Burdo
Michail Yu. Videjko
Johannes Müller


High precision geomagnetic plans of Tripolye mega-sites were recorded by a German-Ukrainian project 2011-2013. Here, detailed geophysical plans and their archaeological interpretation are presented. In combination with ethnological information on household sizes the new plans enable the formulation of models on social organization and population sizes of the mega-sites.

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Rassmann, Knut, René Ohlrau, Robert Hofmann, Carsten Mischka, Nataliia Burdo, Michail Yu. Videjko, and Johannes Müller. 2014. “High Precision Tripolye Settlement Plans, Demographic Estimations and Settlement Organization”. Journal of Neolithic Archaeology 16 (September), 96-134. https://doi.org/10.12766/jna.2014.3.