Megalithic Builders of Odisha Living Megalithic Tradition among the Munda Communities, Sundargarh District

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Subodha Mendaly


The state of Odisha is one of the most important regions for tribal groups and we find 62 major types of ethnic communities belonging to different language families. Although numbers of scholars have widely reported on different aspects of tribal religion, beliefs, practices and a few kinds of literature give some information about the living megalithic tradition, we do not have adequate data on their distribution pattern in this region. However, the present work is based on the recent work on the living megalithic tradition of Munda communities. Up to now, many papers have been published on the Mundas but no one has reflected on the living megalithic tradition. Finally, the paper, still at its preliminary stage, gives us some information about their distribution and some other information related to the funeral rituals and megalithic tradition.

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Mendaly 2019: S. Mendaly, Megalithic Builders of Odisha: Living Megalithic Tradition among the Munda Communities, Sundargarh District. JNA, 2019, 179–191. DOI: