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Wiebke Kirleis
Johannes Müller
Maria Wunderlich
Tiatoshi Jamir


In the context of an Indian and German workshop and a Graduate School course of scholars interested in megaliths and societies, a joint publication of contributions was planned as a sign of cooperative work on monuments and societies both in Europe and India. Consequently, the papers published here are a joint effort of the editors from Kohima and Kiel. While after gaining a first impression of a mosaic of very valid contents, this book might be handled as a kind of informative tool on mainly North East Indian megaliths, primarily concerning new questions on material culture, megaliths and societies in the mentioned spatial frame. The publication represents the cooperation of the Kiel Graduate School “Human Development in Landscapes”, Nagaland University, the Kiel Collaborative Research Center “Scales of Transformation: Human-environmental Interaction in Prehistoric and Archaic Societies”, and the Nordic Graduate School “Dialogues with the Past”.

As the speakers of the CRC, it is our pleasure to particularly thank Tiatoshi Jamir and Maria Wunderlich, who successfully merged the contributions to the book presented here. For the organization of the Kohima workshop and the Graduate School course, we especially express our thanks to Julianne Rustad, Tiatoshi Jamir and Maria Wunderlich. Our gratitude is also extended to Maria, Tiatoshi, Agnes Heitmann and Eileen Küçükkaraca for their scientific and technical editing.

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