Eine neue Parallele zu den Einbauten im spätmichelsbergzeitlichen Erdwerk von Calden, Kr. Kassel?

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Dirk Raetzel-Fabian


The late Michelsberg enclosure of Calden, Kr. Kassel (Germany), is well known for its elaborate wooden gateways. Comparable structures with a more simple layout are up to this day only known from the Urmitz enclosure, which dates to an early Michelsberg phase. This article discusses a still undated ditch system near Großfahner, Kr. Erfurt, which shows very similar features. It might belong to the Baalberge culture, thus being contemporary with the Calden enclosure.

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Raetzel-FabianDirk. 2003. “Eine Neue Parallele Zu Den Einbauten Im spätmichelsbergzeitlichen Erdwerk Von Calden, Kr. Kassel?”. Journal of Neolithic Archaeology, July. https://doi.org/10.12766/jna.2003.3.