Transcendent phenomena in the Late Copper Age Boleráz/ Baden settlement uncovered at Balatonőszöd- Temetői dűlő: human and animal “depositions”

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Tünde Horvath


Animal and human remains were unearthed in 75 features at Balatonőszöd-Temetői dűlő, among them intramural burials and sacrificial pits. It became clear during the analysis that there was a spatial and chronological overlapping between the seemingly separate Boleráz and Baden settlement centres between 3300 and 3100 BC, which was true for the fi nd materials as well. Features with ceremonial paraphernalia, such as vessels came from the surroundings of the pits with animal and human skeletons and they together formed ritual areas of a ceremonial sequence composed of a series of rites.

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Horvath, Tünde. 2010. “Transcendent Phenomena in the Late Copper Age Boleráz/ Baden Settlement Uncovered at Balatonőszöd- Temetői dűlő: Human and Animal ‘depositions’”. Journal of Neolithic Archaeology, September.