Der Übergang vom Neolithikum zur Kupferzeit in Mitteldeutschland aus siedlungsgeographischer Sicht

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Sven Ostritz


The copper age begins in Central Germany with the Gatersleben culture. The settlements of this culture are situated in such areas, in which the contemporaneous Roessen culture is missing. Perhaps the new settlers were lured by the copper and salt occurrences to Central Germany, because it is noticeable that they settle only, where these raw materials occur. The copper age in Central Germany has differentiated settlement systems with central and fortificated places. That differentiates it of the predecessors and from the successors.

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Ostritz, Sven. 2012. “Der Übergang Vom Neolithikum Zur Kupferzeit in Mitteldeutschland Aus Siedlungsgeographischer Sicht”. Journal of Neolithic Archaeology, February.