Die endneolithische Siedlung Voitmannsdorf (Lkr. Bamberg). Ergebnisse der Lehr- und Forschungsgrabung

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Alexa Dürr
Johannes Müller
Alexander Riedmüller
Wilfried Schulz
Timo Seregély
Andreas Tillmann


In 2000 the Department of Prehistoric Archaeology Bamberg excavated a Late Neolithic domestic site at Voitmannsdorf in the Frankian Alb. The features were dated into the first half of the second millennium BC. The detailed investigation of parts of the plateau showed evidence of Bernburg influence to Northern Bavaria in combination with a stone industry that usually is associated with Corded ware features.

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Dürr, Alexa, Johannes Müller, Alexander Riedmüller, Wilfried Schulz, Timo Seregély, and Andreas Tillmann. 2012. “Die Endneolithische Siedlung Voitmannsdorf (Lkr. Bamberg). Ergebnisse Der Lehr- Und Forschungsgrabung”. Journal of Neolithic Archaeology, February. https://doi.org/10.12766/jna.2004.8.