Revolution, Reformation, Epochenwechsel? Das Ende der Kollektivgrabsitte und der Übergang von der Wartberg- zur Einzelgrabkultur in Nordhessen und Westfalen

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Dirk Raetzel-Fabian


In which terms shall we describe the origins of the Single Grave Culture and the transition from its predecessors: evolution, revolution, migration? This article offers a regional approach to this problem, investigating the changes in ritual in the German states of northern Hesse and Westphalia. The transition from the TRB West Group and the Wartberg Culture to the Single Grave Culture reveals itself to be a long-lasting, complex and continuous process ranging
from c. 3000 to 2600 BC. This was no revolution but a slow evolution, replacing the old set of traditions by a new ideology step by step.

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Raetzel-Fabian, Dirk. 2002. “Revolution, Reformation, Epochenwechsel? Das Ende Der Kollektivgrabsitte Und Der Übergang Von Der Wartberg- Zur Einzelgrabkultur in Nordhessen Und Westfalen”. Journal of Neolithic Archaeology, January.