Okolište – Grabung und Geomagnetik eines zentralbosnischen Tells aus der ersten Hälfte des 5. vorchristlichen Jahrtausends

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Zilka Kujundžič-Vejzagič
Johannes Müller
Knut Rassmann
Tim Schlüter


Excavations and a geomagnetic survey took place at the site of Okolište, a settlement mound in Central Bosnia. The reconstruction
of a settlement plan was possible, which displays beside a huge defence system the regularly planned rows of houses of the time
around 4800 BC. The village fulfilled probably central functions within the Visoko basin.

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Kujundžič-Vejzagič, Zilka, Johannes Müller, Knut Rassmann, and Tim Schlüter. 2004. “Okolište – Grabung Und Geomagnetik Eines Zentralbosnischen Tells Aus Der Ersten Hälfte Des 5. Vorchristlichen Jahrtausends”. Journal of Neolithic Archaeology, January. https://doi.org/10.12766/jna.2004.9.