Drawing of the house plan of the Vinge house (Johannsen 2017)

Mansion on the Hill – A Monumental Late Neolithic House at Vinge, Zealand, Denmark

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Jens Winther Johannsen


This paper presents the results of an excavation of the remains of a large, Late Neolithic two-aisled house in the northeastern part of Zealand, Denmark. The house shows a strong resemblance to the well-known Fosie-houses, but is almost three times as large as these structures. It is suggested that the building housed a Late Neolithic family, their farmhands and their livestock. Furthermore, the house’s monumentality signalled the power and wealth of its inhabitant(s) and is thus a clear indicator of the presence of an elite in the Scandinavian Late Neolithic society. The house is contemporaneous with the flourishing Únětice-centre in the Thuringia/Saxony-Anhalt region, from where copper and bronze were imported to Scandinavia. Although rooted in a Scandinavian building tradition, the Vinge house was probably influenced by the building of monumental houses in that area. The interactions with the Continent were likely based on a surplus in the Scandinavian Late Neolithic society generated by changes in agricultural strategies. These changes are reflected to some degree in the material from Vinge.

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Johannsen, Jens Winther. 2017. “Mansion on the Hill – A Monumental Late Neolithic House at Vinge, Zealand, Denmark”. Journal of Neolithic Archaeology 19 (August), 1-28. https://doi.org/10.12766/jna.2017.1.
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Jens Winther Johannsen, Roskilde Museum, Munkebro 2, DK–4000 Roskilde, Denmark