Studying Neolithic lithics – from a cross-border dialogue to a common language

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Silviane Scharl
Solène Denis
Ingrid Koch
Daniel Schyle
Birgit Gehlen
Jean-Philippe Collin
Pierre Allard
Vincent Delvigne
Marjorie de Grooth


This paper aims at introducing a recent European collaborative project dedicated to lithic studies of the Neolithic. It unites a group of archaeologists from France, the United Kingdom, Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany, who belong to different research traditions. Our first meetings stressed the need for a cross-border dialogue and a common language for lithic analysis, including raw material analysis, blank production and tool production. We began by highlighting the differences and proximities between the different approaches, the potentialities to bridge these differences, the archaeological goals and the training needed. Our project, therefore, aims to harmonise our study practices in order to promote international communication and collaboration.

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Scharl, Silviane, Solène Denis, Ingrid Koch, Daniel Schyle, Birgit Gehlen, Jean-Philippe Collin, Pierre Allard, Vincent Delvigne, and Marjorie de Grooth. 2021. “Studying Neolithic Lithics – from a Cross-Border Dialogue to a Common Language”. Journal of Neolithic Archaeology 23 (December), 115–128.