Is a social differentiation detectable in the TRB culture?

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Jan Albert Bakker


Although the TRB culture is uniform with all its diversity, none of its aspects displays a distinct social differentiation, whether in the distribution of pottery forms and decoration, or in the contents of flat and megalithic graves.
I will discuss here the question “Is a social differentiation detectable in the TRB culture?”. That this is probably the case, is suggested by the title of the current DFG Priority Program “Early Monumentality and social Differentiation”. Most of my experience is based on the TRB West Group, which is found to the west of the Elbe, but I think that things are no different in the TRB North Group in Schleswig-Holstein, Denmark and southern Sweden, to which regions I will often refer (fig. 1).
I also give a brief tour d’horizon of different aspects of the material remains of the TRB culture and related subjects.

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