Materialities, Space, Mind: Archaeology of Visual Cognition

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Rafael Millán-Pascual
Luis M. Martínez
Diego Alonso-Pablos
Manuel J. Blanco
Jadranka Verdonkschot
Felipe Criado-Boado


A perceptual study of different styles of prehistoric Galician ceramics (from 6000 to 2000 BP) conducted by eye-tracking, underpins the material engagement of mind by showing that the visual world fosters the entanglement between doing, seeing, and designing through history. This text examines how materializations of human practices relate to cognition and to socio-cultural contexts. By combining evidence on the relationship between material culture and perceptual reactions, our text aims to understand the entanglement between the mind, objects and the world. We apply measurable and numeric techniques, providing an archaeometric approach to cognitive topics by combining neurosciences with interpretive and reflective research. This research provides new insights into the material culture, contributes to the understanding of the relationship between mind and the material world, and accounts for the transitive engagement between the way of thinking, seeing and making things. Thus, the text contributes to an understanding of the material forces driving perception and thought.

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Millán-Pascual et al. 2023: R. Millán-Pascual/L. M. Martínez/D. Alonso-Pablos/M. J. Blanco/J. Verdonkschot/F. Criado-Boado, Materialities, Space, Mind: Archaeology of Visual Cognition. JNA 25, 2023, 67–88. DOI: