Tappeh Moeinabad. A Late Neolithic Site in the Varamin Plain, Iran

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Morteza Hessari
Reinhard Bernbeck
Nolwen Rol
Susan Pollock
Lisa Wolff-Heger


Tappeh Moeinabad is a high mound located in the middle of the Varamin Plain. In 2006, a systematic survey was conducted by the first author and team, followed in 2010 and 2014 by soundings and in 2018 by the investigation of a profile near these soundings. This report summarizes the results of these seasons of archaeological work, describes the remains of architecture identified, and assigns dates to the systematic survey grid. We also investigate the chronology of the soundings with reference to their pottery as well as on the basis of 14C dates. We document a very long prehistoric occupation sequence, paralleling periods Sialk I to II at Tappeh Sialk. According to our analysis, connections between Moeinabad and Tappeh Sialk were particularly close during the Sialk I,3 phase.

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Hessari et al. 2024: M. Hessari/R. Bernbeck/N. Rol/S. Pollock/L. Wolff-Heger, Tappeh Moeinabad. A Late Neolithic Site in the Varamin Plain, Iran. JNA 26, 2024, 1–29. DOI: https://doi.org/10.12766/jna.2024.1.