A Map of European Megaliths

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Johannes Müller
Clemens Kruckenberg
Ralph Großmann
Julia Luckner


As part of a request from the “European Megalithic Routes” organization to its Scientific Advisory Board for a comprehensive map of European megaliths, an attempt was made to produce the corresponding map using existing publications on megalithic tombs. As a result, 17409 published megalithic tombs were mapped. This endeavour forms the basis for a continuous and necessary improvement of a map of European megalithic sites, especially regarding the architectural classification of the individual megaliths.

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Müller et al. 2023: J. Müller/C. Kruckenberg/R. Großmann/J. Luckner, A Map of European Megaliths. JNA 25, 2023, 165–173. DOI: https://doi.org/10.12766/jna.2023.6.