Trinca-La Șanț – A Large North Moldovan Trypillia Settlement

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Johannes Müller
Robert Hofmann
Frank Schlütz
Ghenadie Sîrbu
Sergiu Heghea
Andreea Țerna
Katharina Fuchs
Liudmyla Shatilo
Wiebke Kirleis


In the years 2022 and 2023, the Trypillia hilltop settlement of Trinca-La Șanț in northern Moldova was investigated and excavated by the CRC1266 in collaboration with the State University of Moldova. As a result, we unveiled the basic structures of the 25 ha fortified settlement, which, adapted to the topography, combines the principles of linear and concentric rows of houses. Based on the 14C data available to date, it can be assumed that the settlement dates from 3950 to 3650 BCE. Of the 320 houses discovered, up to 100 existed simultaneously, which corresponds to a maximum number of inhabitants of 250–1000 people. δ13C/δ15N isotope values of domestic animals indicate an extensive economy that corresponds to that of other, similarly large or mega-sites.

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Müller et al. 2023: J. Müller/R. Hofmann/F. Schlütz/G. Sîrbu/S. Heghea/A. Țerna/K. Fuchs/L. Shatilo/W. Kirleis, Trinca-La Șanț – A Large North Moldovan Trypillia Settlement. JNA 25, 2023, 243–262. DOI: