The Gallery Graves of Hesse and Westphalia: Expressions of different Identity (ies)?

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Kerstin Schierhold


The concept of identity, in many aspects, has been intensively discussed for several years for its applicability in prehistoric archaeology. In this paper, I would like to try to take up some of these aspects with reference to the late Neolithic gallery graves of Hesse and Westphalia. Some selected facets are examined to enlighten distinct scales of identity: a structural analysis of building techniques, deposition of grave goods and burial rites together with their spatial distribution offers comparisons to coexistent neighbouring communities with collective burials. These comparisons finally may point out identity-forming features.

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Schierhold, Kerstin. 2010. “The Gallery Graves of Hesse and Westphalia: Expressions of Different Identity (ies)?”. Journal of Neolithic Archaeology 12 (2).