Heiloo-Craenenbroeck A peat-covered Late Neolithic/Early Bronze Age site with one or two house-plans and ard-marks in the western coastal area of the Netherlands

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Erik Drenth
Jan de Koning


The present paper discusses a site in the western coastal district of the Dutch province of Noord-Holland. Discovered were one or two partially two- and partially three-aisled house-plans and ard-marks on the transition of a dune, lying on top of a coastal barrier, to a dune valley. The stratigraphical evidence indicates that the habitation preceded the agricultural activities. All together this human presence dates somewhere between c. 2000-1850 BC, the final stage of the Bell Beaker Culture and the onset of the Barbed Wire Beaker Culture in the Netherlands

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Drenth, Erik, and Jan de Koning. 2018. “Heiloo-Craenenbroeck: A Peat-Covered Late Neolithic/Early Bronze Age Site With One or Two House-Plans and Ard-Marks in the Western Coastal Area of the Netherlands”. Journal of Neolithic Archaeology 20 (2), 123-42. https://doi.org/10.12766/jna.2018S.7.