This volume presents a selection of papers delivered at the Archéologie et Gobelets Bell Beaker workshop “Think global, act local”, held between the 17th and the 21st of May 2017 at Kiel University, Germany, edited by Jos Kleijne, Martin Furholt and Johannes Müller. The Archeologie et Gobelets is a research community and network of archaeological specialists from all across Europe who meet every few years, discussing new findings and research concerning the Bell Beaker phenomenon and the wider 3rd millennium BC in Europe.

Published: 2018-12-20

Cover, table of contents and preface

Jos Kleijne, Martin Furholt, Johannes Müller


Bell Beaker Archers: Warriors or an Ideology?

Jessica Ryan, Jocelyn Desideri, Marie Besse


Question of chert exploiting on the Stránská skála Hill (Brno-Slatina, Czech Republic) by the Bell Beaker People

Jaroslav Bartík, Jerzy Kopacz, Miriam Nývltová Fišáková, Antonín Přichystal, Lubomír Šebela, Petr Škrdla